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Cover Art
Performance-Enhancing Drugs - Norah Piehl
Call Number: 362.29 PER
ISBN: 9780737750119
Publication Date: 2010-07-02

Cover Art
Cleaning up the Environment - Anne E. Maczulak
Call Number: 628.5 MAC
ISBN: 9780816071982
Publication Date: 2009-07-01
The industrial might of the United States grew in the 1930s and flourished during the two world wars. As businesses large and small supplied the needs of the country, they discarded their wastes in landfills, pits, and waterways. It was an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of wastes before more were made. Waste dumping had not yet been linked with illnesses so few people worried about it, especially if the materials were hidden under the ground or in the ocean. Within 20 years of the end of WWII, those wastes began to cause serious health problems.

Cover Art
The Primal Teen - Barbara Strauch
Call Number: 616.89 STR
ISBN: 0385721609
Publication Date: 2004-09-14
Discusses research on the restructuring processes the human brain undergoes during the teen years and examines potential links between this "rewiring" and teenagers' behavior and mood swings.

Cover Art
Eating Disorders Information for Teens - Sandra Augustyn Lawton (Editor)
Call Number: 616.85 EAT
ISBN: 0780810449
Publication Date: 2009-02-01
Health Tips about Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, And Other Eating Disorders Including Information about Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment, Prevention, Related Health Concerns, and Other Issues

Cover Art
Musicophilia - Oliver Sacks
Call Number: 781.11 SAC
ISBN: 1400040817
Publication Date: 2007-10-16
Oliver Sacks explores the power of music in the lives of ordinary people, as well as individuals with neurological and other conditions.

Cover Art
Going Vegetarian - Dana Meachen Rau; Timothy J. Griffin (Contribution by); Mari Schuh (Consultant Editor)
Call Number: 613.2 RAU
ISBN: 9780756545222
Publication Date: 2012-01-01
Vegetarian food is good for you and for the planet. But if you're thinking of revolutionizing your diet, you need to get the facts first. Learn about the benefits and challenges of a diet that does not include red meat, poultry, or fish. Helpful tips, delicious vegetarian recipes, and how tos will make the switch so much easier. Want to change the world? Now you can, one plate at a time.

Cover Art
Teen Cyberbullying Investigated - Thomas A. Jacobs
Call Number: 345.73 JAC
ISBN: 1575423391
Publication Date: 2010-01-15
How do teens know when they might be "one click away from the clink"? In Teen Cyberbullying Investigated, Judge Tom Jacobs presents a powerful collection of landmark court cases involving teens and charges of cyberbullying, which includes: sending insulting or threatening emails, text, or instant messages directly to someone; spreading hateful comments about someone through emails, blogs, or chat rooms; stealing passwords and sending out threatening messages using a false identity; and building a Web site to target specific people.

Cover Art
A Few Good Women - Evelyn Monahan; Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee
Call Number: 355.0082 MON
ISBN: 1400044340
Publication Date: 2010-04-06
The never-before-told story of the United States women's military corps: the women who fought for the right to defend their country by serving in our armed forces with full military rank and benefits--a fight that continues today for American military women who want to serve in combat support positions and in frontline combat units.

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    Drugs and Related Issues

    Abuse of prescribed pharmaceuticals

    Drug Free World

    Mayo Clinic

     Access to experimental drugs for dying patients

    Alliance for Natural Health

    Athletes and performance-enhancement drugs

    Mayo Clinic


    Legalization of drugs

    The Police Chief

    Drug Policy Alliance


      Environmental Issues

      Health and Medical Issues

      Alternative medicine/treatments

      Mayo Clinic

      National Institute of Health

      Animal organs used as human transplants

      National Library of Medicine

      Organic Consumers

      Body’s reaction to anxiety and stress


      American Psychological Association

      Cancer epidemic linked to industrial chemicals in the environment

      Physicans for Social Responsibilty

      Institute for Southern Studies

      Cosmetic surgery/procedures

      American Society of Plastic Surgeons

      American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc.

       Dietary deficiencies of American teenagers

      Healthy Children

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

       Eating disorders

      National Eating Disorder Association

      National Institute of Mental Health

      Fetal tissue research

      Human fertilization advances

      Fertility Clinic of Chicago

      Nobel Prize

      Human genetic engineering


      Nutrition:  role in preventing disease

      Green Facts

      University of Rochester Medical Hospital

      Obesity in the United States

      Food Research and Action Center

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      Prenatal diagnosis of birth defects

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      American Pregnancy Organization

      Psychological aspects of physical fitness

      National Institute of Health

      American Psychological Association

      Psychological and physical benefits of laughter and positive attitude

      Mayo Clinic

      National Institute of Health

      Responsibility of tobacco companies for smoking-related illnesses and deaths

      American Lung Association

      US Department of Health & Human Services

      Right to die—assisted suicide; euthanasia


      Pew Center for Research

      Santa Clara University Ethical Discussion

      Surrogate mothers: ethical considerations

      Yale/New Haven Teacher's Institute

      The American Congress of Obstretricans & Gynecologists

      Vaccination Debate (Mandatory)

      National Vaccine Information Center




      Vegetarian Resource Group



        Social Issues

        Adoption (interracial, unmarried persons, same-sex couples)

        Interracial Adoption

         Transracial Adoption

        Adolescent suicide

        National Alliance on Mental Illness

        American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

        Capital punishment

        American Civil Liberties Union

        Amnesty International

        Censorship in schools—textbooks and other literature

        People for the American Way

        American Library Association

        Controversy in food additives

        Cornicopia Institute

        Center for Science in the Public Interest

        Correlations and implications of suicide rates by occupation

        National Institute of Health

        Correlation between educational levels and crime


        Education Voters of Pennsylvania

        Creationism vs. evolution in education

        Institution for Creation Research (pro creationism)

        People for the American Way

        Effects of extended television viewing on children

        Massachusetts General Hospital

        University of Michigan Health Services

        Ethnic Profiling

        Open Society Organization

        American Civil Liberties Union

        Exploitation of children in TV programming

        Pew Charitable Trusts

        Abuse Watch

        Gender Bias in America

        Scientific American

        Association of Curriculum & Development

        Gun control in America

        Brady Campaign

        US News & World Report

        Home schooling

        Public School Organization

        National Public Radio

        Homelessness in America

        National Alliance to End Homelessness

        Students Against Hunger

        Human trafficking

        United Nations

        Polaris Project

        Illegal aliens—work, laws, control

        Cornell Law

        Center for Immigration Studies

        Federation for American Immigration Reform

        Illiteracy in the United States

        National Center for Education Statistics

        Literacy Partners

        Image of women as portrayed on television commercials

        Association for Consumer Research

        Business Insider

        About Face

        Increased crime rate among women


        U.S. Department of Justice

        LGBT Rights

        Amnesty International

        Human Rights Campaign

        Malnutrition among the poor

        The Heritage Foundation

        Villanova University

        Moral responsibilities of rehabilitating criminals

        Catholic Bishops

        Music therapy

        American Music Therapy Association

        Center for Music Therapy

        Online Dating

        Privacy Rights


        Plight of the inner-city poor

        Fordham University

        Bread for the World

        Pledge of Allegiance in school

        Huffington Post

        BYU - The Digital Universe

        Police brutality

        Democracy Now

        NBC News

        Political campaigning

        Open Secrets

        Real Clear Politics

        Poverty in the United States

        Michigan University Poverty Center

        United States Census Bureau

        Problems of the aged in the United States

        Oxford University

        Eldercare Workforce Alliance

        Refugee Crisis

        BBC News


        Religion and politics

        Religion & Politics

        Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

        Religious displays on public property

        Freedom from Religion Foundation

        American Humanist Foundation

        Pew Foundation


        School uniforms

        Great Schools

        Health Guidance

        Sensationalism of news in the media

        Southern California International Review

        Harvard Business Review

        Social media

        UNC @ Pembroke

        Stay Safe Online

        Standardized testing



        Teen pregnancy

        Stay Teen

        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

        Teen stress factors in today’s society

         Palo Alto Medicine Foundation

        Kids Health

        Television advertising

        Forbes Magazine


        Trying violent juveniles as adults

        Juvenile Law System

        Equal Justice Initiative

        Unemployment in America

        Bureau of Labor Statistics

        Washington Post

        Violence and aggression on television/video games and the effect on young children


        White Supremacy

        Anti-Defamation League

        Year-round schooling

        National Education Association

        Association of Curriculum & Development


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